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Our Company

Mission Statement

As an independent financial consulting firm, we create professional, customized investment solutions aimed to help build, preserve, and transfer my client’s wealth. We are committed to help individuals; families and corporations meet and exceed their personal goals.


Founder, Brahm Rossiter has been in the financial service industry since 1996. He is a LPL Registered Principal, holds a 24, 7, and 66 registrations through LPL Financial. He understands the importance of complete client service, professional financial consulting and how to adapt to the changing economic and political conditions. He is an activist for each of his client’s unique environment. He holds a bachelor’s degree from San Diego State.

We specialize in:

  • 401k Plan Design Assistance
  • IPS Review
  • Employee Education
  • Trust Planning
  • Investment Accounts
  • Cash Management
  • Investment Due Diligence
  • Fiduciary Guidance
  • Fee Comparison
  • Plan Health Check
  • Fund Line-Up Comparison
  • Benchmarking Services

Wealth Management Philosophy

Our dynamic total wealth management approach is customized to help you pursue your unique financial needs and objectives. We follow a comprehensive five-step process designed to determine the optimal approach to managing your assets.

  1. Discover – Understanding your personal, professional, and financial life goals
  2. Education – Discuss the risk / reward characteristics of different asset classes and their contribution to the overall portfolio asset allocation
  3. Recommendations – The blend of investment vehicles to help you pursue your goals
  4. Implementation – The investment methodologies employed to construct your portfolio
  5. Active Management – Regular review of goals, allocation, and performance

Our Goal

To become an integral part of your financial team. To assist you in pursuing your financial and personal goals. To bring clarity to a complicated, necessary topic. To see each of our clients succeed.